Wedding Ceremony This wedding ceremony checklist is designed to help you keep track of all the things you'll need for your nuptial...

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

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Wedding Ceremony
This wedding ceremony checklist is designed to help you keep track of all the things you'll need for your nuptials. Depending on your faith and wedding style, you may or may not require everything listed here. Disregard any unnecessary items that don't pertain to your wedding, then use the rest of the list to ensure the necessities get to your venue on time.

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1. Marriage License
If you're getting legally married in the United States and many other countries, you'll need a marriage license.  Some officiants won't perform a ceremony without one, so make sure you have it with you.

2. Wedding Rings
Marriages are traditionally solemnized with an exchange of rings or other gifts.

3. Personalized Wedding Vows
If you've written your own vows, make sure you have a copy with you. A suggestion is to copy them onto a small card and asking your officiant to keep that card until the appropriate moment.

4. Wedding Readings
Even if you've given your selections to your readers, it's a good idea to have an extra copy of your wedding readings with you, just in case. Even the most responsible friend can sometimes be absent minded or have an emergency.

5. Ceremony Music
Whether you're using CDs, Mp3s, or live musicians with sheet music, make sure you have a copy with you.

6. Wedding Programs
Not everyone chooses to have a program, but they are helpful for guests to understand the rituals and know who's who in the wedding party.

7. Flower Girl Basket
If your flower girl is scattering petals, she'll need a basket to keep them in. You could instead opt for a pomander, especially for younger girls.

8. Ring Pillow
Similarly, if you're having a ring bearer, you'll need a pillow for him to carry.  It's a good idea to have a way to secure the rings to the pillow so they won't roll away. You could instead give the rings to the best man to put in his breast pocket.

9. Unity Candle, Broom, or Other Unity Ceremony Accessories
A tradition that started in Christian wedding ceremonies, the unity candle is a ritual now performed by people of many faiths. There are many other rituals to express unity, such as jumping the broom in African-American weddings. These are certainly optional but if you're having one, you'll want to make sure you have all the accessories you need.

10. Ketubah, Chuppah, and other Jewish Ceremony Needs
For a Jewish wedding, make sure you have your ketubah or wedding contract, a chuppah or canopy, the glass or lightbulb wrapped in a cloth, and the kiddush cup or ritual glass.

11. Bouquets, Boutonnieres, and Other Flowers
You'll need to have the bride's bouquet, bridesmaid flowers, petals for the flower girl, boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen, ushers, fathers, and grandfathers, corsages for mothers and grandmothers, and any decorative flowers. See the full flower checklist.

Another optional accessory is an aisle runner, which protects the bride's dress, and adds drama.

12. Final Payments and Tips
If you owe any final payments to your officiant, venue, musicians, or other vendors, you'll want to have that money with you. Pay by check or bring receipts they can sign to show that they received the payments.

Planning Your Wedding Congratulations! You’re engaged and you’re discovering the many ways to creatively express your love and celebrat...

Five Steps to Planning Your Wedding, Your Way

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Planning Your Wedding
Congratulations! You’re engaged and you’re discovering the many ways to creatively express your love and celebrate your marriage. Finding your own way can be one of the most rewarding things about wedding planning, and one of the most challenging. You want to hang on to the euphoria you felt when you first got engaged without having it turn into worries about planning an event. So, before you begin to make the many decisions that will make your big day unique, stop to spend some quality time with your partner focusing on these simple steps to stress-free wedding planning.

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Step One: Begin by sharing your dreams and expectations. Talk about what having a wedding means to you, and think about the people and traditions that you want to honor, and the things you’re looking most forward to. Imagine the place you’ll be married, the time of year, and the overall atmosphere. Chances are you both hold some preconceived ideas and desires about your wedding day, and the best time to examine them is when your both ecstatic about getting married.

Step Two: Create a list of the most important things you’ve shared. Then, take turns prioritizing the list so its a reflection of what you both want from your wedding. Understanding your partners dreams will help you make decisions you’ll feel good about when you get married and throughout the years to come.

Step Three: Have fun brainstorming creative ways to celebrate your preferences, your backgrounds, and your differences, both now and in the future. Use your love and imagination to find ways that you can both get what you’re looking for, and remember that the partnering skills you’re learning today will be a gift you’ll both be grateful for in the years to come.

Step Four: Once you have your priorities set, decide on your wedding date and which people you want to tell about your engagement, and when. Consider making your announcement extra special by hosting an engagement party, sharing it at a family event, or putting it in the paper or on your own website. Chances are your parents (and a few of your very closest friends) would rather hear the news directly from you and not through the grapevine, so if it feels right, tell them first.

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Step Five: Keep your list of priorities posted and close at hand throughout your wedding planning process. Use it as a foundation to return to if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it will help you remember whats most important to you when too many details vie for your attention, and when well meaning friends and family members let you know what they think you should do.

Wedding Expenses We would like to mention that everyone divvy’s up wedding expenses differently. These are not “rules”, just an explana...

Wedding Expenses: Who Pays for What?

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Wedding Expenses
We would like to mention that everyone divvy’s up wedding expenses differently. These are not “rules”, just an explanation of how wedding expenses are traditionally divided – not to say there’s anything wrong with deviating from tradition!

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer for your wedding we are glad to offer you our services.

The largest expenses for a wedding are:

 - Catering (i.e. food and beverage)
 - Transportation
 - Florals/Decor Elements
 - Band

All of the above are traditionally expenses for the bride. Transportation is only a large expense if you plan on using shuttles for ALL guest transportation. If a bride is paying for the entire wedding and the groom’s family wants to contribute, this is a good one to hand off.

Traditional expenses for the groom are:

 - The bride’s engagement and wedding rings
 - Marriage license
 - Groomsmen gifts
 - Rehearsal dinner costs
 - Honeymoon costs
 - Most of the transportation for his own party and family
 - The officiant’s fee
 - Liquor at the reception

Traditional expenses for the bride are:

 - Groom’s wedding ring
 - Bridesmaid gifts
 - The wedding gown and accessories
 - Invitations, save the dates, place cards, etc. (all paper goods)
 - The bridal shower
 - Transportation for the bridal part and bride’s guests
 - Ceremony and reception costs (this includes photography, videography, rentals, etc.)
 - Wedding planner

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So even has a handy dandy worksheet for couples planning their wedding. While this is just a guide, and you don’t have to follow it precisely, it does help to have a starting point for planning your wedding expenses.

Flowers  also are a tricky element of the wedding. Traditionally, the groom pays for the bride’s bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres for the groom’s side of the bridal party (including his father). The bride pays for the groom’s boutonniere, bridesmaid’s bouquets, and floral design surrounding the ceremony and reception spaces.

Wedding Day Today, we are excited to talk about how to choose your wedding photographer ! One who will be fun to hang with on your wedd...

How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Day
Today, we are excited to talk about how to choose your wedding photographer! One who will be fun to hang with on your wedding day, professional and experienced enough to exceed your expectations, and so talented that they will produce the dream images you will treasure forever! Here are our suggestions for finding and hiring the best photographer for your wedding.

Choose Your Style

Each photographer has a distinctive style and all of them are available for travel. In fact, many of our member photographers specialize in destination weddings.

You may want to look for a photographer who lives near your home or wedding location, but don’t stop there as you may find someone who fits your style to a tee listed somewhere else. View the photographer’s website and blog, and imagine yourself in their pictures. Look at how they pose, (or don’t pose), the couples they’re photographing and ask yourself if their style feels right for you. View a body of work from several weddings and take note of how well the photographer shoots in different lighting situations and under different circumstances. If you’re drawn to natural light photos in sun-drenched places but you’re getting married in an elegant ballroom lit by chandeliers, you’ll want to be sure your photographer excels at capturing photos indoors.

Read the photographer’s bio to see if you are likely to connect well, and gather all the information you can about their approach to wedding photography. If you are looking for high-fashion portraits of you and your guests you’ll want to choose someone who specializes in that type of work. Alternatively, if you would rather not pose for your pictures you may want to choose an artist who takes a documentary, photojournalistic approach to wedding photography.

Connect and Communicate

Once you’ve found at least five photographers who you would like to contact, reach out and see if your date is available. Ask each artist to provide you with their latest pricing, packages, and contract information as well as several references, and set up a phone consultation. Ask about their approach to their work, and what makes them love shooting weddings, and find out what you can expect from them on your wedding day and throughout your relationship. Keep in mind that not every great photographer is a great wedding photographer, so be sure whoever you choose has ample experience shooting weddings.

Evaluate Your Options

Once you have a good set of choices, evaluate the information you've gathered. Think about the quality of customer service you've received so far, and how you feel about the photographers you've contacted. Ask yourself who you trust the most and how excited you are to have them as your wedding photographers. Consider their pricing and packages and how important wedding photography is to you in terms of your overall budget. It’s easy to let the many aspects of wedding planning overwhelm you and forget to prioritize your expenses. Keep in mind that when your wedding day is over, your photos will help you remember it for the rest of your lives together.

Once you’ve made the connection with the right photographer, share your vision for you wedding and your personalities, so your photos can be a true reflection of your story. Chemistry between you and your photographer is vital to ensure you look relaxed in your pictures and that you fully enjoy your wedding day.

Relax and Revel in Your Wedding

When you’re wedding day arrives, be sure you’ve allocated all the time you need for the pictures you want, and then relax and let your photographer create the images you’ve hired them for. When you work with an outstanding photographer there is no need for you to worry that they will miss anything important and they’re bound to capture hundreds of priceless, in-the-moment images that you could never imagine ahead of time. So, walk down the aisle, dance with abandon, party with your guests and let your photographer handle all the little things that go into creating amazing wedding images.

We recommend our photographers because they have extraordinary talent, solid experience, and a proven track record of outstanding customer service!

Wedding Ceremony We talk a lot about designing your dream wedding style and arranging your perfect reception, but for many, the most im...

Planning a Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony
We talk a lot about designing your dream wedding style and arranging your perfect reception, but for many, the most important aspect of a wedding is the ceremony. Ceremonies can take many forms, from religious to personal, to having friends and family playing a part or taking the form of an intimate elopement. Above all else, what makes a ceremony significant is the commitment of love between a couple on their day. 

It is also very important to have a professional wedding photographer on your wedding ceremony to capture the most incredible moments on the wedding photography.

What is the Officiant’s Role, Really?
Each couple is very different, and has different wants and needs when it comes to “all things ceremony” are all over the place. As an Officiant who works with couples of all faiths, paths and traditions, it is my job to reflect a couple’s purpose, mission and love story within a ceremony that is uniquely authentic, personalized, romantic and fun. Yes, fun and enjoyable! It is important that a couple select an Officiant who is a creative and supportive partner – not someone who is trying to use ceremony as a personal platform or to espouse personal beliefs.

What are the Different Elements to a Ceremony? 
You’re absolutely right – there are many different types of ceremony. And you know what? While there are a lot of different options for ceremony, it is the “feel” of a ceremony that is very important to me. I work with a couple to not only draw out what is important for them to celebrate within their ceremony (unique elements) but also work to draw out a couple’s personality and “feel” so there is appropriate storytelling, humor, hankie moments and more.

Our creative wedding photographer will make your wedding ceremony worth to remember for whole life.

How to Make a Ceremony Truly Your Own
If a wedding ceremony is authentic, personalized and fun-loving, it has the magical ability to celebrate a loving relationship in all of the best ways. The icing on the cake is finding someone special to deliver words and ritual in an engaging manner and conversational tone that immediately relaxes a couple and inspires family and friends. I’m big on a ceremony that is transparent in tone and one that shares and expresses vulnerability – there is nothing people enjoy more than a ritual that is real, tender and gentle in all ways.

Exchange Vows, Not Promises
Vows are not about “I promise this” or “I promise that.” Vows on a wedding day are covenants of the heart and it is imperative that an Officiant understand the emotional make-up of a couple and make suggestions that enhance a couple’s personal/written words. Understanding this, I work with a couple and assist them with crafting words that are comfortable, poignant and reverent. And injecting a little elegant humor into the sharing of vows is a magical element that is often a silver lining within a wedding ceremony!

Wedding flowers One of the most beautiful parts of a wedding is the floral design. Flowers can be used to enhance a wedding theme or ca...

How to Plan Your Floral Design

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Wedding flowers
One of the most beautiful parts of a wedding is the floral design. Flowers can be used to enhance a wedding theme or carry out a color palette. While most couples expect to have gorgeous floral arrangements for their wedding, not everyone has the knowledge to put together their floral design. 

Our professional wedding photographer will help to make your wedding day perfect and to get unique wedding photography. 

Come Prepared to the Florist
Most of my couples have an idea of how they want their wedding day to look like, and have a Pinterest board. Often they have a lot of pretty pictures that are a little random – not cohesive. It’s important to consider the dress and the venue because these two elements will dictate the style and feel of their day.

Complement  Your Wedding Colors
Most often we use the “wedding color” or a complementing color for the flowers. For instance, if  the couple chooses dove grey for their Bridesmaid dresses, we could complement that with cream or yellow, or red or orange, or purple or pink. We would tie in the grey with grey ribbon on the bouquet stems, or have the escort cards and menus printed in grey to tie it in at the dinner table. 
Wedding picture
Try Out the Trends
Garland and floral chandeliers were extremely popular this year. Most of the arrangements are compact and groupings of small arrangements, and many couples want each table to be unique within the same color palette. As for next year’s couples, “whimsical, and understated elegance” seem to be trending guide words for their floral design inspiration.

When you are planning a wedding you might looking for the best wedding photographer to make professional wedding photography for the one of your happiest days. 

Mix and Match Different Textures
It looks lovely to mix garden roses, with ranunculus and different types of eucalyptus and brazillia berries. Another favorite is tulips. Tulips work well on their own or mixed in with other spring flowers and are always charming. The peony, a perennial favorite among brides, is soft and fluffy and lend themselves well to a romantic setting. I like juxtaposing fluffy with texture so adding a small succulent or fern (or even a mini artichoke!) to peony and roses makes for an interesting and pretty bouquet.
Floral mix
Follow Your Gut
Look around you for inspiration. What colors make you happy? What types of arrangements are you drawn to? Do you like tall large arrangements or compact ones? More modern and streamlined or more organic in shape?  Start a Pinterest board and pin everything you like. Once you have selected your venue and decided on the type of celebration you will have, you can pare down the board to what will work in that space, in the season you are getting married in, and at the time of day of your celebration (candles don’t work very well at high noon in the summer!).

Wedding photo Working with some of the most incredible photographers in the world, we’ve heard a thing or two about how the profession...

Why You Don’t Need to Give Your Photographer a Wedding Shot List

Wedding photo
Working with some of the most incredible photographers in the world, we’ve heard a thing or two about how the professionals feel when given a wedding shot list.  In case this is your first time hearing of it, a wedding shot list is like an instruction manual for your photographer with each and every image you want them to capture on your big day. While couples being excited about their wedding photography is obviously awesome, shot lists can actually keep you from getting the photos you really want. If you’ve been wondering if a wedding shot list is something you need, here are a few reasons why you don’t.

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If you were hiring a mechanic to fix your car or a handyman to repair your dryer, you probably wouldn’t tell them how to do their job. You hired them because they’re the expert! Your photographer is a professional too, which is why you’ve hired them to capture your big day instead of leaving those moments to be documented by a friend with a camera. Experienced photographers know the photos they need to take on a wedding day. When you sign a contract with your photographer, you should feel confident that they will document your wedding to its fullest, including your first look, your well-planned details, and a special portrait with Grandma.
Wedding look
If your worry is that you won’t get a photo with your favorite cousin, wait until you’re hugging her at your reception instead of posing for a formal portrait in the lawn. Most photographers’ least favorite part of the day is arranging family members for formal portraits. While it’s true that these photos don’t allow them to stretch their creative wings, they also know that you and new brother-in-law crying together during his toast makes a more cherished photo than standing smiling in front of the church. Instead of filling your wedding timeline with posing for pictures with your loved ones, wouldn’t you rather make more time for actually experiencing your wedding with them?
The Bride With Her Sister
While you my want every moment of your wedding to be perfect, those “perfect” moments you’ve seen in photos happened organically. If you hand your photographer a shot list with photos you found on Pinterest of newlyweds in cute poses, you hinder their ability to capture you genuinely basking in the glow of your day, in your own cute poses. What makes those photos you love so special are the authentic moments occurring without regard for the camera. When you and your photographer try to recreate something, you lose the natural element that made the image so striking in the first place.
Wedding Magic
More important than providing your photographer with a folder of your favorite Pinterest portraits is having excellent chemistry with them before the wedding day. If you truly love their photography style, feel inspired by their work, and click with them personally, we guarantee your photos are the ones that will inspire future brides and grooms.

Professional wedding photographers help to make your wedding unbelievable.

Probably the most disappointing factor in a shot list is that a couple would want to replicate someone else’s wedding photos instead of having images that are uniquely their own. Your love, personalities, and style are what make your wedding day special. Forcing a photo you saw on a blog keeps you from living the candid moment in your day. You’ve spent all of this time building an extraordinary love, not to mention planning the celebration of your dreams, so live in the present — we hear it goes by pretty fast — and let your photographer capture what makes you shine.
Happy Wedding Day
After your wedding is over, the photos are what you keep to remember it by. The images you’ll cherish the most are the ones that remind you of the butterflies you had before your first look, the tears you shed walking down the aisle, and the excitement you shared after saying “I do.” It’s the feeling behind a photo that makes it so wonderful to look at, so give yourself the space on your wedding day to feel fully without faking it for the camera.

How to Choose Your Wedding Date If you’re recently engaged, you’ve probably heard the following more times than you can count: “Congrat...

How to Choose Your Wedding Date

How to Choose Your Wedding Date
If you’re recently engaged, you’ve probably heard the following more times than you can count: “Congratulations! When’s the wedding?” If you don’t have an answer to that question yet, today’s post is for you! Before trying on dresses or tasting cakes, you’ve got to know when the big day is happening so you can set everything else into motion with a timeline in mind. In case you’re not sure how to choose your wedding date, we’ve got a few things for you to consider before setting a date in stone.

Of course for the wedding day you might need a professional wedding photographer to make a wedding photographs and unique wedding photography.

The season you decide to tie the knot can actually have a lot more to do with your wedding than you’d think. The first major seasonal consideration is your flowers. Is there a particular bloom you want to feature in your floral design? You’ll want to check to see when that flower is in season to know if you’ll have access to it for your wedding d├ęcor. If you haven’t started thinking about flowers yet, you might want to see what plants do bloom in different seasons and choose a date based on which available flowers you like the best. Part of your color palette will come from the florals you use, so keep that in mind as you start to envision the look of your day! While your color palette isn’t necessarily determined by the season in which you marry, the two can definitely have an effect on each other.
Floral design
 Another seasonal aspect to consider is wedding day fashion. If you have your heart set on wearing a long-sleeved gown, you probably don’t want to say “I do” in the middle of the summer. Similarly, your barefoot wedding look may not be weather-appropriate at a snowy winter wedding. Do you want to rock an awesome custom bridal jacket? A fall or winter wedding would go perfectly with that! Envision yourself in a strappy dress on the beach? A summer wedding is more your style.
Wedding Dress
Whether it’s a wedding designer you love or a wedding photographer you can’t imagine getting married without, avoid heartbreak by contacting potential vendors to find out their availability as soon as possible. It is also very important to have wedding photography ideasMany couples set a date with their venue first, but it’s a good idea to go into your venue bookings knowing what dates your dream vendors have open. Vendor calendars begin filling up over a year in advance, so if you have your eye set on a particular videographer, for instance, inquire with them before you have your first venue tour. Once you know what dates they have available, you can choose one of the venue’s open dates that syncs up with theirs.

If you haven’t started researching vendors yet but you have a venue in mind, the same rules apply! Venues also fill their calendars incredibly quickly, so don’t put off this important planning step, especially if you’re aiming to tie the knot in less than 10 months.


Unless you’re eloping, there are likely at least a handful of friends and family members you wouldn’t get married without having in attendance. Before you set your date in stone, make sure those must-have guests aren’t traveling out of the country or undergoing an important surgery on your potential big day. We’re not suggesting that you change all of your plans because your brother-in-law doesn’t want to request off from work to come to your wedding, but it’s good to touch base with your immediate loved ones to ensure they can make it.
Wedding Guests
This last tip is going to sound totally old school, but trust us on this one! There is a seriously helpful resource called The Old Farmer’s Almanac where you can search for any date of the year and see what the weather has been like for the last several years. Say you’re considering April 25 (AKA the perfect date) for your wedding. You can go right to the Weather History page on The Almanac website and search the zip code where your wedding will take place along with April 25, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 to get an idea for what the weather will most likely be on that date in 2018.

The Weather For Wedding Day
Especially if you’re having your wedding in an area that floods or has tornadoes or hurricanes, this tool is a helpful way to plan around the weather! Of course, April 25 still might get a spring shower even if The Almanac doesn’t call for one, but at least you go into your wedding planning with some historical context for the weather that day.

Not feeling quite ready to choose your wedding date? You might want to stop and consider whether you want a local or destination wedding before moving forward!

Wedding Pose Introduction To Wedding Poses Posing in wedding photography is much more of an art than it is a science, as it require...

Wedding Poses

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Wedding Pose
Introduction To Wedding Poses

Posing in wedding photography is much more of an art than it is a science, as it requires so much judgement and interpretation. When we first started wedding photography, this was our biggest fear and the most difficult aspect to learn. We had a good handle on lighting and my post production was solid. But posing was a different story.

With the wrong pose, you can make an otherwise attractive couple look awkward, clumsy, and even unattractive. On the other hand, with the right pose and the right angles, you can conceal blemishes and “flaws” and even make your clients look skinnier.

Furthermore, with odd posing, you can make a very affectionate and natural couple seem awkward and distant. With the right pose, you can make even the most stiff and stoic couples seem undeniably fun and in love.

Below, we’ll go over a few basic poses that we teach in the workshop. Keep in mind that these are just 10 wedding poses out of hundreds of poses that you will need to master to become a good wedding photographer.

How can you come up with hundreds of wedding poses? The answer is small posing variation. Slight adjustments in hand placement, feet positioning, head positioning, facial expressions, and posture can change the entire mood and feel of a wedding image. Below are just 10 basic wedding poses to start with.

10 Basic Poses For Wedding Photographers

Wedding Pose 1
This is your most classic, basic wedding pose. Be sure to have your couple touching at the hips with hands anywhere but dangling at the bride and groom’s sides.

Wedding Pose 2
From the most basic wedding pose, the V Up, you can have your couple simply open up their feet towards the camera and you have the “Opened Up” pose. Below are two examples.

Wedding Pose 3
The most common wedding pose is what we call the “Closed Up” pose. We call it this because their bodies are closed off and they are facing each other. From here, you can get intimate poses and candid poses depending on where you have the bride and groom look and depending on their expression.

Wedding Pose 4
The “stacked” wedding pose is great for those romantic photos where it looks like the wedding couple is gazing off into the distance. We use this pose often with grand, scenic landscape wedding photographs.

Wedding Pose 5
The Swing pose adds in action into a scene. Use this selectively and be sure to gauge your groom’s ability to hold up the bride’s weight.

Wedding Pose 6
Like the Swing, the next pose, “the carry,” adds some interesting action and motion to a scene. It’s a bit more traditional than the “swing” and might require a little more strength from the groom. The image on the bottom is still considered a carry because it’s essentially the same pose but just with the groom seated.

Wedding Pose 7
“The Staggered Couple” is sometimes overused in today’s wedding photography, but it can add some much-needed variation to your posing. With this pose, you can put the focus on just one of the two.

Wedding Pose 8
The “Meet in the Middle” is a cute pose. We also call it the penguin kiss because of the way the couples have to stick out their rear ends. This is great for symmetrical scenes like the ones below.

Wedding Pose 9
The walk is probably the most common pose. Wedding videographers love this pose and often default to this because of the motion it adds to the scene.

Wedding Pose 10
The dip is like “The Swing” and “The Carry” in that they are dynamic poses with motion. Again, gauge the couples’ coordination and ability to execute this pose. It’s more difficult than it looks and it can look really odd and awkward if done incorrectly. The most common mistake when doing this wedding pose is the groom not lunging far enough down. We want it to look more like a lunge and less like a squat.

Wedding Poses Conclusion
The poses we mention above are meant to be a starting point for posing. We tried to mention a good mixture of dynamic and static poses. Making them romantic or fun will depend on the expressions you have them do while in these poses. We have left out quite a few poses like sitting poses, lying down poses, and others which we will cover in another article.

Having a good foundation for wedding poses is very important. Unlike engagement session photography where you have 2 to 3 hours to capture all of the photos you need, a wedding day might only have thirty minutes to an hour for a couples session. You might even have situations where the day runs behind and you have to squeeze everything into 10 minutes or less!

Wedding ceremony A wedding is a ceremony and associated rituals by which two people vow to spend their lives together in marriage. Thou...

What Is a Wedding?

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Wedding ceremony
A wedding is a ceremony and associated rituals by which two people vow to spend their lives together in marriage. Though it is basically a celebration of love and partnership, a wedding may also have legal and/or religious significance – such as signing a state marriage license or a religious document, or asking for God's blessings upon a marriage before Him.

But a wedding is not just about the couple getting married.

It is also an exchange between that couple and their community of family and friends. It is a moment whereupon the couple vows to be together as a pillar of support, and simultaneously thanks their community for supporting and loving them. By attending a wedding, the guests are also agreeing to uphold this couple in their marriage together. 

All couples want to make this day to be perfect and also they invite a wedding photographer to make unique wedding photography to have this day unforgettable.

Typically following the ceremony is a reception, which may include food, music, dancing, and other rituals such as cutting the cake, or the first dance. The reception is another opportunity for the couple to honor and thank their friends and family for supporting them.

A wedding can also be a way for a family to display their social and financial status, and a way for a couple to express their personalities, characters, values, and morals. There is no minimum that a couple must spend – the basic vows and agreements are free – but some couples have spent millions of dollars.

The Parts of a Wedding
The only essential parts are:

1. The marriage vows – either traditional, non-traditional, or vows that you write yourself.
2. The Pronouncement of Marriage by your officiant or celebrant.

In addition to these essentials, there are also typically other rituals incorporated into a marriage ceremony, such as the processional, blessings, readings from scripture or literature, family or community vows of unity, and an exchange of wedding rings or other gifts.

A Sample Wedding Ceremony and Order of Service.

Following the ceremony, a couple may have a wedding reception or party, which might include a meal. Traditionally, wedding cake is served, which historically was a symbol of fertility, but today more typically is used to express hopes for a sweet life for the couple. Some people choose to have music and dancing, including the couple's symbolic first dance and family dances such as the father-daughter dance.

Each humanist, non-religious wedding ceremony is unique and created especially for a particular couple and their circumstances. This means there is no set script and no fixed structure. Instead, your celebrant will guide you through various options and together you can create an occasion that’s fitting for your specific circumstances.

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Here is an example of how a wedding ceremony might be organised, but you do not have to include any of these, and you may also want to include other components.

Example structure of a humanist wedding ceremony
Arrival of the couple (individually or together)
Introductions and welcomes
Words about love and commitment from a non-religious perspective
Reading or poem
The couple’s story – how they met, their shared values, hopes for the future
What marriage means to the couple
Reading, poem or song
The couple’s promises / vows
Meaningful symbolic act (e.g. handfasting)
Exchange of rings
Pronouncement as married
Words of well-wishing
Closing and departure