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Our Vision Wedding Phototography ny is to capture the heart and joy of each moment, bringing into focus those lasting memories so that you may cherish them forever. Each face, every smile, and all of those happy tears and burts of laughter - you will get to see them all again.

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Michael King


Our company provides superior quality wedding photography for an affordable price. We will capture your best wedding moments, the atmosphere and beauty of wedding, record the complete story to keep your precious moments.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

We pride ourselves on impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring that your entire experience is just as flawless as your wedding photos.

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

Let us film the most important moments of your day: your vows, the toasts at the reception, your first dance, cutting the cake, and the bouquet and garter toss.

Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

Make an album design with us to safe the perfect moments. Truly the moments to last a lifetime.


Arlette Burgos

Michael was the photographer on my sister's wedding and he did such as great job. My sister feels really blessed because she has the photos of her dream. Thank You Artlook for being part of this special moment of my sister.

Jessica Kate

Amazing wedding photographers. Loved our wedding photos that Michael took. Completely recommend him. Thank you again.

Marina Mikhailovna

We hired Michael to photograph our engagement party and take our engagement photos beforehand. He was phenomenal to work with and we can't recommend him highly enough. He showed up early, was polite, courteous, and so fun to work with. He made the photoshoot so fun and came up with unique poses and photo opportunities for us. When it came to the party he worked nonstop taking portraits of all our guests captured hilarious and moving movements on the dance floor and during toasts. His photos are a good mix of high fashion artistic shots and tasteful portraits. My guests came up to me numerous times commenting on how blown away they were with his personality and work ethic. When we got the photos back after the party everyone was in awe at how gorgeous all the photos came out.

Theresah Yentumi Mensah

Finding a photographer who understand exactly what you want and is able to capture every moment of your special day is had to find; but Michael at artlook has done two outstanding jobs for us, one was our traditional Ghanaian wedding, and a year later our 6weeks old son photo shoot. He captured every important moment, the pictures are breath taking. The albums and the design amazing!! For a picky girl I couldn't ask for anything more. The price is great, he works with every budget. He has become our personal photographer and we will continue to use him to create lasting memories. Thanks Micheal

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The price is available by e-mail or by phone number listed in contacts field on the bottom of the page.

Your ArtLook.


The more professional photographer is the more natural photography will be. Wedding is one of the most significant events in the life of peo...

The more professional photographer is the more natural photography will be. Wedding is one of the most significant events in the life of people. Only serious intentions and a strong decision can cause the desire to create a ready to any circumstance’s union of two hearts. In front of their families and friends, they take an oath to be together all the time despite possible arising obstacles or other problems. An amazing and very brave step to create a strong and happy family! Such an extraordinary moment should be remembered through decades and centuries. Only photography can make memories immortal. Photographer Ariana Waterfall Catering 79 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead, NY 11552 is an extraordinary specialist with huge experience in the sphere of photography art. The photographer is able to perform the whole process of celebration during which all the beautiful moments will be captured in the pictures. 

What the photographer can do…

By ordering a photosession Ariana Waterfall Catering 79 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead any the most demanding client will be satisfied. There will be done great work to make your album unique and outstanding.

Photographer can work at various celebrations including:

  1. - Anniversaries;
  2. - Birthdays;
  3. - Sweet 16;
  4. - Weddings;
  5. - Other parties.

Only professional equipment will be used during the shooting. Offered service is flexible and can meet any requirements of the client. It is possible to get shooting at any attractive for the client area from the point of view of its’ landscapes or because of any other reasons. If necessary, special decorations will be created and applied by the designer. Only the brightest angles that exposed people’s best appearance features will be chosen. Wedding photosession Ariana Waterfall Catering 79 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead is a way to create the most detailed and interesting thing that will remind lovely days of extraordinary love story the rest of the life. «Artkaif» studio will offer the smartest and most rational creative solution to make all the priceless moments of celebration immortal. 

wedding photosession Ariana Waterfall Catering 79 Hempstead Turnpike

Our photographers know how to be in the right place at the right moment so no magnificent opportunities for shooting will be missed. Please contact us to order the service or to find out more. We will be glad to demonstrate our portfolio and we are always ready to offer special concepts for planned events.


cell: +1 (929)-399-6959; site:  www.artlook.us

All smiles should be preserved in the pictures! A wedding photo session at 209 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah is what we will do for you with a ...

photographer 209 Ramapo Valley Rd Mahwah NJ 07430

All smiles should be preserved in the pictures!

A wedding photo session at 209 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah is what we will do for you with a bang! An incredible union of two hearts or an unforgettable birthday - all this can be organized with the help of photography!

The opportunities of our studio «Artkaif»

How much can we do? You can be sure that we have everything you need: special equipment that meets all the requirements of modern technologies; the desire to work tirelessly for our customers; the creative approach of our employees; well-trained photographers who know how to take pictures correctly. So, what can we do? We are ready to give you the best feelings and beautiful photos!

The people we work for

Of course, we work for you! Anyone who wants to get a set of professional photos can order a photo shoot by contacting our photographer Artkaif from 209 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07430. We are always happy to receive your orders and take the pictures that you want to see!

wedding photographer 209 Ramapo Valley Rd Mahwah NJ 07430

Artkaif studio is ready to shoot wherever it is convenient for you. The best photo shoot with our wedding photographer from 209 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07430 will not go unnoticed! Would you like to be in the most beautiful photo, where you and your loved ones are genuinely laughing? Maybe you are waiting for your first child or it's not the first time you have been a mother of a long-awaited newborn child? Celebrating an anniversary with friends? Let us capture you in the moments that bring pleasure, fill the empty shelves with frames with wonderful photos!

Perhaps you are not sure about the service of any company that provides services for photographers. We will provide you with a large selection! Our service includes the following:

  1. - High-quality equipment;
  2. - The services of experienced videographers who are ready to shoot you for several hours, which does not affect the quality of the work performed;
  3. - And other.

Why should you choose us?

First of all, we treat our customers well, excluding offensive behavior of any of our employees. We are ready to create and create warmth and comfort with the help of photos filled with a pleasant atmosphere!



cell: +1 (929)-399-6959; site:  www.artlook.us

Professional photo session in your city! What else can you expect so much, if not your birthday or wedding ceremony? Therefore, it is most ...

wedding photosession 10 Winslow Place Weatogue

Professional photo session in your city!

What else can you expect so much, if not your birthday or wedding ceremony? Therefore, it is most important to capture every smile on the long-awaited holiday, which can be helped by our wedding photographer from 10 Winslow Place, Weatogue, CT 06070.

Our pictures for you

One of the most pleasant things is to share photos with your loved ones. Because it is the pictures that can describe in detail all the emotions and sensations experienced. Each photo contains our work and your happiness.

Our photographer Artkaif from 10 Winslow Place, Weatogue, CT 06070, USA is a qualified specialist with extensive experience. However, professionalism is not only in high-quality shooting. He is also shown by such qualities as creativity and the ability to create original things — sensual photographs taken truly with the soul and maximum efficiency.

That is why we offer you our services! We do this because we really have something to offer. A high-quality photo shoot that you will remember not only with good photos, but also with the attitude of a photographer who knows how to work with people. And all because we are ready to devote a few hours of time to you, after which it will be impossible to regret!

wedding photographer 10 Winslow Place Weatogue CT 06070

Any celebrations

Many couples in love face such a question as: "Where can we find a really good photographer?" Moreover, not only qualification and excellent equipment are important here, but also the opportunity to come to the right place. It is quite difficult to find a videographer who will agree to shoot anywhere. However, we are happy that we can make the best wedding photo session at 10 Winslow Place, Weatogue especially for you!

In addition, the Artkaif studio captures not only newlyweds or married couples, but also all those who would like to get the maximum impressions from photography. All holidays are worthy of leaving wonderful memories and pictures of them:

  1. - Anniversary;
  2. - Birthday party;
  3. - Sweet 16th.

And this is not all the celebrations that we can arrange in the best way. Let’s take the best pictures!


cell: +1 (929)-399-6959; site:  www.artlook.us

Have you ever seen the best wedding photography in Queens? Undoubtedly, you have seen many wonderful photos taken by photographers from Que...

wedding photographer queens

Have you ever seen the best wedding photography in Queens?

Undoubtedly, you have seen many wonderful photos taken by photographers from Queens. In them, you probably noticed the manifestation of someone's feelings.

This is the work of an artist whose goal is to convey the best moments.

What photos can you get thanks to our studio?

Our studio «Artkaif» can make a variety of pictures for you! Our Queens photographers film newborns, pregnant women and anyone who want to be captured! Therefore, everyone can turn to us for help in capturing a wedding ceremony, birthday party or something else.

Our wedding photographers from Queens will make your holiday unforgettable. All the most beautiful and exciting emotions, sensations and feelings are the things that you would like to capture forever. In addition, sometimes you want to capture all your thoughts! And that's why we can offer you our help!

queens photographer

The meaning of portrait photography is to reflect doubts, experiences, surprise or pleasure in the pictures. All these emotions help you express your thoughts. They show you what a particular person is thinking right now, in this picture. Only a real photographer can turn a flurry of different emotions and thoughts into one framed shot on the shelf of your home. Therefore, who, if not our portrait Queens photographer, will be able to do this?

We are ready to offer you our services to make your vacation unforgettable, your memories are bright and amazing, and you are happy and smiling after it!

We try to be better every day for all of you

The photos that our studio makes are not only the transfer of your feelings. But they also convey our feelings too. They convey our love and care for customers and, of course, our attitude towards you.

Especially for you, we are improving our skills and abilities, we are improving ourselves. When working with clients, we allow the use of exclusively new specialized equipment.

We understand how important it is for you to preserve all these touching and trembling moments and feelings. Therefore, we will direct all the cameras to that special moment that can disappear in a matter of seconds! There's no way we're going to let him leave without being captured! Our professional wedding photographers from Queens will capture every moment that will be special for you.

professional photographer queens

How much can we do for you?

It's no secret that we can do a lot. Do you believe us? Because we believe in you! We believe that you are able to give us a dazzling smile that will remain not only in the memory, but also in a professional photo!

We give life to photos; we put our own souls into our photos and work. However, what exactly can we do for you? We can help you remember forever:

  1. - Your anniversary;
  2. - Your own birthday party or party of your good friend;
  3. - Engagement;
  4. - Wedding;
  5. - And other, other celebrations!

But the most important thing is that you will remember this with kind and warm feelings. We hope that you will celebrate your holiday with real happiness! And we will help you to catch the elusive moment.


cell: +1 (929)-399-6959; site:  www.artlook.us

Good memories must be at hand whenever they need. A wedding is an exact case when all feelings stimulated by the event are exceptionally pos...

Good memories must be at hand whenever they need. A wedding is an exact case when all feelings stimulated by the event are exceptionally positive. There is no single reason to forget warm moments from such a celebration. A professional photographer can shoot all the pleasing scenes of a couple's happiness. If a new family wants to have a beautiful album from their wedding, one of the rational ways to get it is to use the photographer Staten Island service by «Artkaif» studio. Experienced professionals will facilitate the conditions for good and easy shooting. We also can design a very creative cover for the album and work on some unusual, unique decorations for photo scenes.

wedding photography staten island

How we do...

We understand that privacy and the magnificent sense of privacy among close people are very important. Wedding photographer Staten Island will take it into account, so any actions won't break down the atmosphere of love and curiosity. Our masters of photo art know how to memorize the best moments without interrupting the process of relaxation and celebration. 

We have wide experience and are ready to perform on:

  1.  - Wedding day;
  2.  - Sweet 16;
  3.  - Birthday;
  4.  - Photo shooting for pregnant etc.

wedding photographer staten island

The client will have an opportunity to get acquainted with our photographer before the start of collaboration. We shall deliver couple’s as fast as possible. Many interesting things can happen during the celebration day so wedding photography Staten Island will help to capture them all in a photo whatever it smiles or tears of joy. Our professional photographers know the ways how to turn ordinary landscapes to good background for the photo. Only advanced devices will be used for shooting. Regardless of the conditions of weather or time, the photographer will find unique and outstanding moments. We can take a trip to special for couple places to create an album with private pictures which will remind unforgettable period of life and the romantic story of two hearts that can’t leave separately. The services of «Artkaif» studio also include videographer Staten Island option. With us, memories won’t be lost.


cell: +1 (929)-399-6959; site:  www.artlook.us

Wedding photographer Miami The most simple and available to all people way to save more heart-touching moments of life is to record it on a...

Wedding photographer Miami

The most simple and available to all people way to save more heart-touching moments of life is to record it on a video or catch on a photo. Any kind of celebration is only better if there is a professional photographer who can see ordinary things very interesting. A good expert in photography is always ready to act and his knowledge won’t facilitate the chances to lose an opportunity for excellent photo shooting. Modern wedding ceremonies can’t be conducted without special photo shooting activities.

videographer Miami

Each wants to have things that can remind the best minutes of life. If not wedding then when such time can be? A personal couple’s album is a thing that may not only keep warm memories of the past but also could renew and make stronger feelings of man and woman by viewing photos even after decades.

It is possible to order high-quality service from wedding photographer Miami in the studio «Artkaif». We have good feedback from our clients. Our team of experienced designers will make great efforts to create the best and most favourable album style according to the client’s preferences.

Events and photographer

There is no reason to think that the photographer will interfere with the celebration process. Our good equipped masters of photography are almost invisible in the crowd. They are acting in a way you will never be confused about. Advanced cameras allow us to take photos in any condition. Good functionality of the devices complemented by the experience of our photographers will turn to an amazing result. We will shoot dozens of stunning photos at any angle, with various lighting types etc, so funny, beautiful, and happy moments won’t be lost. Wedding photographer Miami aim is to convey the atmosphere of the event in the photos. Our photographer Miami can work at such events like:

  1. - Birthdays;
  2. - Anniversaries;
  3. - Sweet 16;
  4. - Weddings;
  5. - Photo shooting for Maternity.
wedding photographer Miami

We can give many valuable tips for people who want to make a personal album. Our creative team can help to decorate an improvising scene in a very unusual and exotic way, so any picture will be extraordinary.

In the «Artkaif» studio, it is possible to order many different services to «immortalize» an event including videographer Miami and micro wedding packages Miami. Please contact us to find out more.



cell: +1 (929)-399-6959; site:  www.artlook.us