What`s your wedding style?  Is it vintage, country or rustic and charming?  Today we will talk about this few styles for wedding and y...

Wedding styles

What`s your wedding style? 
Is it vintage, country or rustic and charming? 
Today we will talk about this few styles for wedding and you can choose, what would be better for yours.

1. Vintage style

Vintage wedding style

         Vintage is becoming more popular in interior design, design of portfolio and so on. This applies to the wedding decor - vintage weddings are chosen by hundreds of brides all over the world. What is the secret of this style?
         The word "vintage" in French means "mature", actually this term was characterized by a good and long standing wine. Subsequently, "vintage" began to call any antiques. The main difference between the vintage style and the retro style is that the retro allows replicas, imitations of old things, modern clothes styled for a wardrobe from past years, artificially made things , however, from modern materials.
        To pick up a decor for a wedding, completely consisting only of vintage things, is very difficult. But all the detail will be your special pride, emphasize the individuality of your celebrations and family traditions, stored for more than one generation.

2. Country style

Country wedding style

      Country style is associated with many people in rural areas, nature and wooden accessories. The first thought that can come to mind about the venue of a country-chic wedding is in nature. In particular, it can be a summer house, an open-air restourant or catering in the middle of a clean field. The options, in fact, the mass, it all depends on the abilities of the perpetrators of the celebration, their preferences, the ability to fantasize. 
    During decorating the venue for a celebratory banquet, carefully think about the details of which will correspond to the style of country music. The banquet hall should correspond to the image of natural beauty, naturalness and chic of a festive atmosphere. In this matter you will be helped by cloth drapery, live wildflowers, wooden furniture. 

3. Rustic and charming style

Rustic and charming wedding style

       Rustic style dictates a certain color range, for the description of which the words "natural" and "earthy" are the best suited are combinations of white, cream, brown, grey, green, blue, pink. Accents can be yellow, cornflower and the other shades of wildflowers, but avoid too bright colors, otherwise the sense of naturalness will disappear.
       Particular attention when organizing a wedding in this style should be given to the place of celebration. The ideal playground is natural: in a field with hay stumps, in forest glade or in a pine forest under the crown of trees. You can choose a country hotel, homestead or restaurant with a "natural" entourage. In their interiors it is necessary to search for a trees, a brick, a stone. An excellent option will be a tent or hangar with a minimum of decor and decoration. And remember - simplicity is important, and it`s not easy to recreate it in a restourant pre-decorated with rich draperis or gliding.

Different styles of wedding

       Theme and style of the wedding - the basis of the celebration, based on which determine the concept of the design of the holiday, the script of the entertainment program. There are all kinds of ideas for a party, which, if desired, can be implemented. 

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