In this Article we will focus on the best wedding vendors and venues to celebrate your love with friends and family and while the wedding i...


In this Article we will focus on the best wedding vendors and venues to celebrate your love with friends and family and while the wedding is just the beginning of life together as a couple, we will also present keys that brings family happiness, to help our newlyweds enjoy a peaceful married life together.

Keys to Family Happiness:  Managing Conflicts

He says: “After we were married, Sarah and I lived with my family at my parents’ house. One day, my brother’s girlfriend asked me for a ride home in our car. I obliged and took my young son along. But when I returned home, Sarah was furious. We started arguing, and right in front of my family, she called me a womanizer. I lost my temper and started saying things that irritated her even more.” She says: “Our son has a serious health problem, and at the time, we had financial trouble. So when Fernando left in the car with his brother’s girlfriend and our son, I was upset for several reasons. When he came home, I let him know how I felt. We had a huge argument and called each other names. I felt terrible afterward.”


Are you worried about the potential cost of  getting married? Worry no more! The cost of getting married at the City Clerk's Office in lower Manhattan is considerably very low and in-expensive, providing you with a unique lovely feeling and experience with your spouse, family and friends.
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Managing Conflicts in Marriage: Why do conflicts arise, and what can you do to prevent them from ruining your marriage?


Celebrating your wedding ceremony at this outdoor venue perched atop the roof of a building in Rockefeller Center, will give you the very perfect feeling you deserve on your big day. The nature beauty provides you with a peaceful atmosphere and provides awesome opportunities for your wedding photographer to capture amazing photographs. 
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IF A couple argue, does this mean that they no longer love each other? No! Fernando and Sarah, quoted above, love each other dearly. Yet, even in the best of marriages, there will occasionally be some conflict.


Getting married in Central Park is very classy and provides an interesting experience for lovely brides and their family and friends. It also provides various beautiful locations for capturing awesome photographs. Loeb Boathouse located on the park's expansive lake,is also a fine location for wedding events. Near these locations include the Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace, beautiful places for enjoy your wedding ceremony and enjoying amazing photo-shoots.  
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Why do conflicts arise, and what can you do to prevent them from ruining your marriage? Since marriage is an arrangement designed by God, it makes sense to examine some practical advice's that help couples resolve conflicts peacefully.​


A beautiful garden located at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street, is an amazing spot for having your spring or summer weddings,especially when the six-acre space is in its full bloom. Central Park's awesome Conservatory Garden is ideal for calm, simple small sized weddings, because it can comfortably contain a minimal amount of guests. But it provides your wedding photographer variable opportunities to capture amazing photographs and your guests will definitely enjoy every moment. 
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Understanding the Challenges: Most married couples want to treat each other in a loving and kind manner. However, realistically there are no perfect couples and marriages. So when disagreements arise, emotions may be difficult to control. And if an argument starts, some may find it a real struggle to resist bad habits, such as screaming and abusive speech. What other factors might cause tension?


Terrace On The Park is a beautiful and classic banquet hall located at 5211, 111th St Flushing, NY. A perfect place for all your private events, with several beautiful spaces like ; a garden that can be a perfect spot for capturing stunning wedding photographs, rooftop sitting, and main hall that can comfortably accommodate all your guests.
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A husband and a wife often have different communication styles. “When we were first married,” says Michiko, “I discovered that we had very different attitudes about discussing matters. I like to talk about not only what happened but also why and how it happened. My husband seems to be interested in just the end result.”


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden uniquely offers several beautiful spots for wedding events in a very creative setting.There various iconic areas withing the garden that provides the perfect spots for capturing amazing photographs of your big event day. 
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Michiko’s dilemma is not unique. In many marriages, one partner may want to discuss a disagreement at length, while the other dislikes confrontation and wants to avoid the subject. Sometimes, the more one partner pursues the matter, the more the other tries to avoid it. Have you noticed this pattern emerging in your marriage? Does one of you always seem to play the part of the discusser, and the other, the part of the avoider?


Brooklyn's Prospect Park Boathouse which looks out over the lake in the park's South-Eastern Edge abundantly provides an amazing location for wedding ceremonies. Lovely couples can happily get married just in front of the beautiful Landmarked Beaux Arts Building, and enjoy a wonderful reception inside the place.
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Another factor to consider is that an individual’s family background may influence his or her perception of how married couples should communicate. Justin, who has been married for five years, says: “I come from a quiet family and find it difficult to talk openly about my feelings. This frustrates my wife. Her family is very expressive, and she has no problem letting me know how she feels.”


This building facility has been the residing building of the former Sailors' Snug Harbor In Staten Island, located at 1000 Richmond Ter Staten Island, NY, is an attractive venue for wedding ceremonies, and the surrounding colorful grounds of the area are just amazing for having your wedding photographs.
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Work to Resolve Problems: Researchers have found that the most reliable indicator of how happy a marriage will be is not how often the couple say that they love each other. Sexual compatibility and financial security are not the most important factors either. Instead, the most dependable indicator of marital success is how well husband and wife manage any conflicts that arise.
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Keys to Success​—Avoid Damaging Patterns of Speech: No matter what your communication style or family background, there are some damaging patterns of speech that must be avoided if you are to apply wise principles and manage conflicts effectively. Ask yourself the following questions: ‘Do I resist the urge to retaliate?’,‘ Do I minimize or belittle my spouse’s feelings?’,‘Do I often assume that my partner’s motives are selfish?’.
TRY THIS: Make a list of the positive things that your mate has done for you and the good motives that could have prompted these actions. Always remember: “Love . . . does not keep account of the injury.” Real love is not blind. But neither does it keep score,love “believes all things.” Not that this kind of love is gullible, but it is open to trust. It is not cynical, suspicious. The type of love that brings family happiness is ready to forgive and is willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. When mates display this kind of love for each other, they will enjoy a happy marriage.

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