Love is a beautiful feeling, love is a wonderful start for two different persons, it penetrates deep inside the heart,where feelings are...


Love is a beautiful feeling, love is a wonderful start for two different persons, it penetrates deep inside the heart,where feelings are so pure,there is an instant allure, and we don't know what connects everything from within, we don't know how it happens either, but when it does,you feel beautiful from within, the feelings are so deep within, indeed it's truly a beautiful feeling! We at Artlook Studios had the unique opportunity to capture the special moments of the marital union between two lovely couple as they tied the knot, at the Long Island City, New York. It was really beautifully well organised wedding ceremony gifting us the opportunity we need to capture special moments of this wonderful occasion. Enjoy highlights of this beautiful wedding event,

presented by Artlook.

The wedding stage

The stage is now set for the ceremony to begin, the especially tense filled moment, a moment filled with mixtures of happiness,joyful anxiety, deep feelings of love; a moment that will change the life course of the Bride and Groom forever together.
Brides arrival with father

The Bride arrives with her father to make an official handing over of his daughter to the Groom.
It's Official

That feeling of deep satisfaction for achieving a long awaited goal,it's really a joyous moment in the life of every couple. Just admire how happy they are to finally vow to love each other forever, pursue positive goals together, handle challenges together forever; so lovely.
The reception

It's time to have some fun and celebrate a happy union together as one. It's a memorable day for the couple and celebrating with lovely friends and guests is just perfect to make the occasion more unique.
Newlyweds arrival to the reception

A standing ovation as the newlywed arrive at the reception in style, full of excitement and deep love fir each other, they stepped into the dance floor displaying how natural and free minded they are together and with all their guests. Of-course it's their day so they deserve to enjoy it fully.
The Newlywed enjoying sweet music together.

As the party go's on and on,there will always be romantic moments, this is a celebration of love. Filled with deep love for each other, receiving warm cheers from friends, family and all....The DJ blasting cool sweet music that touches the soul, so lovely. Moments they will treasure forever as they watch a playback.Never a dull moment with this couple and their guests, everyone enjoying every bit of the event...What a marvelous wedding event, the couple really enjoyed every aspect of their day. And we were very happy to have captured these special moments with this lovely couple.
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