Ofcourse, preparing your wedding budget can be very challenging. But ensuring that your budget is well organised and well setup, is si...


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Ofcourse, preparing your wedding budget can be very challenging. But ensuring that your budget is well organised and well setup, is simply the most important part of your wedding planning process. Whatever amount you have set aside for your wedding, there are general tips that will help you decide what you can spend and how to manage expenses. For easy understanding, we've organised the wedding planning process into 6 steps:  
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Step 1: Find out who's contributing.
It could be just you and your fiance, or possibly your lovely parents, friends and other family members have shown interest in supporting your wedding planning process. Whatever is the situation, knowing clearly who has the eagerness to provide support to your wedding event is a very vital step in calculating accurately your overall budget. Also make sure of what aspect of your wedding process they're willing to care for. For a fact, knowing the amount of support you'll be receiving is essential to helping you figure out your bottom line.
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Step 2 : Calculate the numbers.
The moment you have clearly gotten an idea of the amount of financial support you'll be receiving or any other assistance, start paying more attention to your own contribution. Realistically and comfortably, what can both of you afford to spend after examining carefully the actual expenses you have to cover? Examine your monthly income carefully and determine what both of you can save up before your wedding. Also based on your existing savings, what amount of money can both of you pull out for your wedding? Following these analysis will help you estimate your wedding budget, then you can add any additional financial assistance you receive.

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Step 3: Make an estimate of the number of guests you both wish to invite.
Clearly, the actual cost of a wedding is greatly based on the number of invited guests. Also the number of invited guests influences not only the size of the venue, but also the amount of food and drinks that will be needed. Look intently at your wedding as a 'per-person' project, will help you greatly put the cost expenses into proper perspectives. Specifically, your number of guest count estimation will help you know exactly what you need to pay for and every other thing needed to make your wedding a success.
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Step 4: Ensure that your non-negotiable items are clearly stated.
There will always be conflicts in opinion between you and your fiance about the wedding arrangements. So it becomes very important that both of you discuss openly your priorities, what does each of you prefer for the wedding and calmly decide things that can be removed from your list of to do's and things that are very much needed. Once you figure out these much needed items, set your budget for those items immediately and you can also allot a bigger percentage of your budget on them, which will definitely help you see clearly how much you have left for other necessary items.

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Step 5: Do your careful research
There will be lots of costs both obvious and hidden, that you'll have to consider before making a final decision about your wedding budget allocation. For instance, you can't just buy the wedding cake; you're required to examine your options. And most times, it's not just about paying for the venue rental fee; there may also be some breakdown charges. So, the point is: always take some time to investigate about all items on your list, because wedding budgets often get blown out of proportion! Always update yourself about any 'hidden' costs and avoid unnecessary surprises. Keep in mind that prices differ from place to place, so try to know price variations in your chosen location and necessary cost effect details. Be honest as to whether the price fits into your budget, and ensure to adjust your plans accordingly.
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