Outdoor Wedding Ceremony From the garden to the beach, each outdoor wedding venue has its unique personality.  And while the venue offe...

10 Outdoor wedding ceremony ideas nobody else will have

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
From the garden to the beach, each outdoor wedding venue has its unique personality.  And while the venue offers the background and a beautiful setting, it’s up to you to include the details that make your wedding your own. We’re rounding up ten of our favorite little luxuries, from charming sights to eclectic sounds, that will definitely give your ceremony that personal ambiance. Here’s our list of open-air wedding ceremony ideas that we’re kind of in love with.

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1. The Outdoor Piano
Planning on live music for your wedding ceremony? Good choice! Consider a one-man piano show. He or she can play everything from the Wedding March to that Billy Joel song you love best. Romantic, unique, and literally, music to the ears. It definitely won’t hurt adorning the piano with greenery and candles either. Just saying.

2. The Wind Chime
For another audible suggestion, we bring to you the unconventional sounds of a beach glass wind chime. Not sure what that means? We didn’t really either. Until we came across these strands of colored sea glass delicately attached to driftwood. We can totally see this hanging at a seaside ceremony, syncing with the ocean.

3. The Shady Seats
Though an outdoor wedding ceremony definitely has its perks, providing some relief from the harsh rays will definitely keep guests happy (and cool) as you say “I do.” We love these classic, white umbrellas that match the guest chairs. They won’t distract from your ceremony décor and will provide guests shade they’ll appreciate on your super-sun-filled wedding day.

4. The Candle-lit Path
As your guests make their way to your ceremony site, we suggest lining the way with candles! Not only will the effect be warm and inviting for guests, it’ll also let them know where to go so they don’t go astray along the walk. Just make sure to work with your florist (and venue) to come up with a design that’s both striking and safe.

5. The Rustic Aisle Markers
Though you can’t go wrong with stacked candles or bouquets tied to chairs, we have to admit we love unique floral aisle markers. This use of delicate florals lined in planters has to be one of our favorite wedding ceremony ideas. In the case of this wedding, the planters are filled with Spirea, but we think any type of wildflower would be just as beautiful.

6. The Whimsical Sidewalk
For an equally romantic yet whimsical pathway to your wedding ceremony – grab that neon chalk! By stenciling hearts (or whatever you heart desires) along the path, you’ll set the mood for your wedding as guests make their way to their seats. Tip: Keep the chalk around for the kids at the reception after!

7. The Directions
When it comes to unique wedding ceremony ideas, we love the use of creative signs for outdoor weddings. And this simple “We Do, We Did” sign is definitely no exception. This way for the ceremony, that way for the bar!

8. The Refreshments
Having a summer wedding? Providing guests with a refreshment bar before they take their seats is the perfect way to keep them hydrated as you say your vows. Stationed near the ceremony, ushers can encourage guests to grab a glass before heading to their seats. We love this version that’s set up for water, iced tea and lemonade. Bonus for including playful, striped straws.

9. The Accessories
Ever been to a wedding and couldn’t help yourself from a few tears? Is the answer yes? Good! You’ll need these cheeky handkerchiefs at yours. Chances are there will be a few guests in the crowd that share your sentiment mid-wedding. Plus, they are totally charming – and reusable. Meaning, guests will be thanking you for this little gem at future weddings. P.S.: Hankies also make for fun wedding favors!

10. The Décor
Floral garlands draped around majestic trees? Umm, yes. Not only is this so romantic, it kind of eliminates the need for elaborate wedding flowers elsewhere. Tip: Be sure to work around your wedding venue’s offerings and get their permission to incorporate any existing landscaping into your floral designs.
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