Wedding Make-Up It’s no doubt that brides want to look their best on their wedding day ! The perfect dress, the stunning hair, and of...

Choosing Your Wedding Make-Up

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Wedding Make-Up
It’s no doubt that brides want to look their best on their wedding day! The perfect dress, the stunning hair, and of course the make-up. Choosing your wedding make-up is not like choosing your everyday make-up – you have to consider how it will look in pictures, how it will complement your dress and hairstyle, the time of the day your wedding will take place, and so on. Check out these tips on choosing your wedding make-up and get inspired for your big day!

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Consider Your Skin Tone
This might be obvious, but just in case you’re as clueless as I was when it came to makeup when I got married, this is a good place to start. Fair skin brides will stand out with neutral, metallic and shimmery shades. For medium skin tones, look into bronze, taupe and copper options, and invest in the metallic look as well. Olive skin tones are well complemented by jewel tones (think deep plums, gold, emerald greens and metallic). For dark skin tones, avoid whites and pale eye shadows – your traces will benefit more from peach hues, gold, bronze and burgundy.

Wedding Dress and Hair
It goes without saying, but the make-up you choose should complete your bridal look flawlessly. So as soon as you choose your dress, start thinking about make-up and hair. For example, a laid-back hairstyle and lace wedding dress go well with a natural make-up look. Now, a simpler dress may leave more room for intricate hair and make-up. It really depends on what features you want to highlight and the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Event Type
Are you getting married during the day or at night? Is the wedding taking place in an elegant indoor venue or will it be outdoors? Think about the feel of your event when choosing your whole bridal look, not just the make-up. Outdoor events ask for more neutral tones, especially during the day and under direct sunlight. Indoor events are the perfect excuse to glam up and use that shimmery shade you love!

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Schedule a Make-Up Trial
You don’t want to wait until your wedding day to see the full effect of the make-up style you chose. Make time to do a trial at least 3-4 weeks before the big event. If you hire a professional make-up artist, they’ll most likely include a trial in their package so take advantage of that! This will give you the opportunity to explore your options and feel good about your decision, meaning one less thing to stress about. Bonus tip: wear a white top when for your trial so you have a better idea of how the make-up will contrast with your wedding dress.

Try New Things – Yay or Nay?
It’s important to remember that you want to look like you on your wedding day. So if you don’t usually sport bright red lips, it might be too much to try it out on the big day. But trying new things is not always bad! I had never worn fake eyelashes before my wedding and honestly the whole idea creeped me out. Not just I have an unfounded fear of anything that comes close to my eyes, I was afraid of not looking like me. Through my wonderful make-up artist’s kindness and patience, I was convinced that fake eyelashes were okay and they would actually help my eyes pop out in the pictures. Another reason why the make-up trial is so crucial! Bonus tip: individual eyelashes will give you a more natural look than the strip ones.

Make-up is supposed to be fun so have fun trying different styles out before setting for one! 
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