An amazing wedding at Queens Botanical Garden . Love is a beautiful thing, when you find someone that truly loves you it completes ever...

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An amazing wedding at Queens Botanical Garden.
Queens Garden wedding photography, NY
Love is a beautiful thing, when you find someone that truly loves you it completes everything, it makes everything else in your life more interesting and colorful. The wedding of this beautiful couple gives us clear depiction of true sincere love. The Queens botanical garden is just perfect for capturing amazing photographs.   
Bride arrives with her father
Moment of joy and excitement from the bride, as she arrives with her loving father. Special moments like these form the integral part of how we preserve precious memories of our beautiful couples on their big day.
The wedding ceremony

The time has come to express their vow to love each other forever. How would the wedding story be told without including moment when the Bride and Groom exchange their heartfelt vow to love each other forever! We focus on every every aspect of the wedding that will tell the story for a life time.
Exchange of wedding rings

And its official! We capture emotions and feelings of the couple visibly seen in their smiles and warm expressions of love for each other.
That romantic look at each other, a silent way to say " I LOVE YOU DEEPLY"

Filled with deep love and joy, the couple are so in love with each other! How happy the couple will feel looking back on their wedding, a creative photo-shoot that describes the deep inner feelings of love between this couple without a word.
Cutting the cake

So much love for each other,holding hands so firmly together in unity. I really love capturing couples when they are more natural with themselves, it really beautifies the photographs even better.
Just feels like they are saying to each other: "we will always stay more close and enjoy our favorite moments"

Couple enjoying lovely first dance together. How excited the guests watch on, while the couple enjoy their first dance together
A lovely ending to an amazing wedding.

We were really happy to be part of this amazing wedding ceremony to capture very beautiful and amazing moments of the newlywed. 
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