The wedding day is just one of the most memorable days in the life of a Bride and Groom. We had the honor to capture special moments at the...


The wedding day is just one of the most memorable days in the life of a Bride and Groom. We had the honor to capture special moments at the wedding ceremony of two beautiful 'love-birds',the wedding was awesome, especially moments at the Terrace on the park venue, and we are happy to share with you some highlights of this beautiful wedding... 

Photos By Artlook.
Impressive New York Weddings

The special day.....We love capturing special moments from different locations and backgrounds to create the best quality photographs. Whatever venue and location you decide to use for your wedding ceremony; it could be City hall in Manhattan, Astoria World Manor in New York, Russo's On The Bay, New York, we will always be there for you and help you make your day a memorable one and preserve precious memories of your wedding day. 
The Bride in eager anticipation
"Can't wait to be together with my lovely Man", every bride and groom always have this eager anticipation and warm feeling of being with the one they love and ready to spend the rest of their life together as one.We love capturing these precious waiting moments as they help tell the story of your big day.
Bride and Groom in company with the wedding crew,exciting moment for all.

This photograph best describes the beauty of Outdoor Weddings, the natural beauty in nature on a nice warm sunny day blending perfectly well with the beautiful and colorful adornment by the couple and their crew. 
The wedding ceremony

The moment has arrived to make a solemn vow and seal it with a ring. As professional wedding photographers, we love to create something special and awesome for our lovely clients. 
The couple share a drink together, a toast to a successful life together
And its official!! With hearts full of joy and happiness, the couple gaze intimately into the eyes of each other...Feeling the love they have for each other even more.
Couple so happy together, sharing warm affectionate smiles of love
Couples first dance together in celebration of their love and journey of life together
Cutting the cake
So beautiful and awesome together as they display unity and focus with smiles while cutting the cake
Couple deeply in-love with each other
What a happy ending to this memorable wedding event, the smiles on their faces truly depicts how deeply they cherish each other.

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